Collective Actions – a Collection of participated practices

Rebiennale collaborazioni

CollAction is a research project involving also a Bachelor degree thesis: a  Collection of bottom-up initatives dealing with the relation between architecture and society. The main thread is the concept of participation, together with the spontaneous creativity and the horizontal exchange pratices.
Each action will be described through an ID and a process’ overview, arranged in categories and examined by a plurality of indicators (temporality, social impact, sustainability, professionist’s presence…). A map contestualizes every project, that is also provided with a photogallery and the research references.
This database allows the user to browse each action in many ways, including categories, tags, indicators, places.
These interventions are sorted mainly from 3 worldwide exhibitions: Eme3 in Barcelona 2012, Spontaneous Interventions from Venice Biennale 2012 USA Pavillion and CCA 99Actions from Canada 2008-10.

The Blog’s structure itself reminds the concept of involvement, as it’s possible to comment, post and share own initiatives or bottom-up events. CollAction wants to be an open platform of uses, inspiring new collective experiences to give cities a shared ground of commons’ practices.

The project is part of publicarchitecture@polimi, an interdisciplinary research and operative groups within lablog that put resources of Architecture in service of the public interest.


Sofia Coutsoucos
Stefania Monici

Gennaro Postiglione (CV)


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