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Rebiennale Welcomes Refugees

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This is our very enthusiastic response to the Cooperativa Caracol’s appeal to build a network of solidarity and support with the 21 migrants comprising the new project in Marghera.

Today, more than ever, there is a need to promote innovative routes to regenerating dignity and responding to emergencies in transparent ways beyond speculation and by enabling people to acquire knowledge, share and integrate.

Populations fleeing poverty and danger are our brothers, they remind us of a time in recent history when humanity was barely manifest. Today, as then, emergency responses involve coming together a bit more tightly, sharing what there is and cooperating to find the best possible solutions. No one should be excluded.

And, yet again, re-usable materials come to our aid: considered waste by some, they can instead represent change, cancel prejudices and generate synergies between local communities, while encouraging investment in active and readily available resources without losing sight of the final objective!

As an initial, concrete gesture we have decided to transfer to the Welcome Team the materials recently collected in Venice together with the Danish Pro Venezia Committee and their local collaborators. We are extremely grateful for their support.

Furniture and related objects that were previously part of an international residency programme are now transitioning to a new vocation. We are sure that those bedside units, beds, sheets and all the other useful things will be in good hands and help us all stay together and write that blessed word: Welcome!

(translated by Jane da Mosto, Venice)


Welcome Refugees

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